Female Fat Loss with Emma Storey-Gordon

The DoTheWork Podcast – Episode – #13

In today’s episode I was joined by James Mc Dowell and Emma StoreyGordon aka ESGFitness.

Emma an incredibly successful online coach who has more recently added nutritional educational courses to her array of products and services.

Emma is an evidence based coach and this comes across in this episode where she discusses multiple studies surrounding activity trackers, the menstrual cycle, the menopause and even a study about milkshakes!

This one is packed with content and it was an absolute pleasure to be joined by Emma and James.


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Weight Loss

Weight Loss – The Undeniable Truth

Here is a harsh truth that you might not want to hear but you probably need to hear…

You are the reason that you haven’t achieved your weight loss goals yet!

It’s not…

  • Genetics
  • Starvation Mode
  • Cortisol/Stress
  • Etc

It’s the fact that you have failed the method to which you have applied. You have failed the system. I must say before I go on that, you failing a system is you being a failure as such, it is highly likely that a different method or system will be more applicable to your lifestyle.

But, there has to come a point where you stop burning through different ways of dieting or exercise. There has to come a point where you recognise that maybe the dieting methods and systems aren’t the problem.

The problem is actually your belief systems and habits around dieting. For you to get something from this blog you must open your mind up and be vulnerable to being wrong about how you perceive weight loss.

You have to remember that if your beliefs and habits around weight loss were rational then you will have already achieved your goal. This can be tough for some to admit and understand, but I promise you once you challenge your beliefs around what’s required, in order to achieve your goals, that’s when the magic happens!

Client Results

Anon decided it was time to… DoTheWork

Name: Anonymous

Goal: Fat Loss

Duration: 12 Weeks

Service: Online Coaching

As you can see this client achieved fantastic results in just 12 weeks. He was someone who worked away a lot, spending lots of nights in hotels, eating room service meals, fast food and enjoying plenty of beer at the weekends.When he decided it was time to change we came up with an individual approach to his nutrition which included choosing better options in the hotels and of course we reduced down the alcohol intake (not fully). We added some regular training where he followed a set structure alongside some hotel room workouts and also the odd swim in the hotel pool. We didn’t take an overly aggressive approach with any of the measures, we just simply took a habit based approach based around his lifestyle and capabilities to exercise including what equipment was available in the gym he used. As you can see the progression was consistent throughout!

Client Results

Lindsay decided it was time to… DoTheWork

Name: Lindsay

Goal: Fat Loss

Duration: 6 Weeks

Service: Face to Face PT & Group

Lindsay used the motivation of her booked holiday to produce some cracking results in a short period of time. Both her training and diet was on point with quite an aggressive approach. Lindsay’s training included gym work with me, Group PT with me and also group exercise classes.Lindsay opted for a keto diet (little to no carbs) which was her choice of method that allowed her to restrict calories short-term for the result she wanted. This isn’t the approach for everyone however as you can see, it can produce cracking results in a very short time.

Client Results

Lucia decided it was time to… DoTheWork

Name: Lucia

Goal: Fat Loss

Duration: 8 Weeks

Service: Online Challenge

Lucia took part in an 8 week challenge I ran back in October 2019. She had been working in Magaluf for the whole summer prior to that and after a few months of partying and boozing decided she wanted to make a quick change. Lucia had great control over her calories which was the key factor in her results, she made quite a lot of sacrifice to ensure she achieved the short-term results she wanted. Her training generally consisted of group exercise around 3-4 times each week but I have to say these results are from really nailing down her diet. As you can see she made fantastic progress resulting in a 10lbs weight loss over the 8 weeks!!

Client Results

Hannah decided it was time to… DoTheWork

Name: Hannah

Goal: Fat Loss

Duration: 12 Weeks

Service: Group PT

Hannah came to me after attending some of my classes and wanted some guidance with her weight loss. We took a very moderate approach to both exercise and diet. Most of Hannah’s exercise came from regular walking and the group sessions. Hannah had limitations due to a previous knee injury so endless cardio and high intensity was off limits. Her diet was managed through basic calorie control and good habits.

Weight Loss

Why Does Weight Loss Slow Down?

It all starts so well doesn’t it?

10lbs down in the first 8 weeks then for some reason, it slows down or in some cases, stops.

Yet you are doing exactly the same thing as when you first started.

Which leaves you scratching your head trying to understand why.

I am going to try and explain why this is and what you can do about it to continue to get results.

Latest Courses Weight Loss

DoTheWork Together

The Female Fat Loss Programme

Are you a FEMALE between the age of 21-45 who is tired of looking in the mirror and not liking what you see?

Do you want to LOSE WEIGHT and feel CONFIDENT again?

Maybe lose that back fat, arm fat or belly fat?

Maybe you want a perkier bum?

If this resonates with you then you should read on…

Weight Loss

7 Things you MUST know in order to LOSE WEIGHT

1. The calorie deficit should be your number one priority

The undeniable truth is that energy balance dictates whether or not you will lose weight or not. If you are not in-taking less calories than what you burn, you will not lose weight. There are literally no outliers. Before you say it, yes it is harder for some people, yes people with thyroid issues or P.C.O.S find it more difficult but the energy balance equation remains the most important thing to conquer.

Basically, you must ingest fewer calories than the amount you expend for weight loss.


6 Reasons You Haven’t Invested in a Coach

The DoTheWork Podcast – Episode #12

In today’s episode I explain why I believe you haven’t yet invested in coach. I share with you 6 of the biggest reasons why you have been putting it off, avoiding it and telling yourself that it is not worth the investment.

You might feel like I am calling you out, like I am talking directly to you and if so… Good. That was absolutely my aim with this. Sometimes the hardest thing to do yet most powerful is to be vulnerable and stick your hand up and ask for help. It’s something I have done very recently with my business. It’s the best money I’ve spent on something in ages and I know it will continue to pay dividends in years to come.

Just like my coaching would do for you and your weight loss goals…DM me with the word ‘RESULTS’ if you would like to LOSE 10-15lbs IN 8 WEEKS OR LESS!

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