Weight Loss

7 Things you MUST know in order to LOSE WEIGHT

1. The calorie deficit should be your number one priority

The undeniable truth is that energy balance dictates whether or not you will lose weight or not. If you are not in-taking less calories than what you burn, you will not lose weight. There are literally no outliers. Before you say it, yes it is harder for some people, yes people with thyroid issues or P.C.O.S find it more difficult but the energy balance equation remains the most important thing to conquer.

Basically, you must ingest fewer calories than the amount you expend for weight loss.

Weight Loss

Weight Loss – The Worst Kept Secrets

I hear it all the time…

“ I wish I could have a body like ‘Insert Name Here’. “

Now, I am talking here about comparisons to ‘normal’ people, people in the gym that others look at and say the above comment. They say it though with no real understanding or appreciation for what that person has done to look that way. Let’s forget genetics and age etc for a second. Here I want to share with you the characteristics and the things that these people do to look the way they do, to have people say things like the comment above about them.

Wanna know how they do it?

PODCAST LAUNCH – #DoTheWork with Dale Wallace

I am delighted to announce the launch of the #DoTheWork Podcast. This is something I have been putting off for some time. I have used the extra free time we currently have to put this together. The aim of the podcast is to share with you my knowledge and experience I have picked up from my 10 years in the industry delivering thousands of hours of personal training sessions and group exercise classes, helping hundreds of people along the way.