DoTheWork Together – Weight Loss Programme


Drop up to 2 dresses sizes in 28 days or your money back!


  • Avoiding photos & mirrors like the plague?
  • Wearing baggy clothes?
  • Sick of your own excuses?
  • Fed up of not making progress?
  • Struggling to do it on your own?
  • Avoiding social occasions?


  • Needs high level support & high level accountability
  • Needs to be around like-minded people on their journey
  • Have failed at this many times before
  • Is used to putting everyone else ahead of themselves
  • Wants to feel like the old you again

Sound like you?

How much is it?

The investment for this programme is just £199.

*Sessions to be held at Puregym Preston (a membership is required)


– 28 Days of Expert Coaching
I’ve delivered 1000’s of training sessions since qualifying as a PT in 2009 and helped 100’s of clients to transform their lives. You’ll have someone in your corner who knows exactly what it takes to get results

– 8 Structured Group PT Sessions (2 per week)
Coached by me at Puregym Preston in the brand new functional area. The training sessions will be progressive, motivating and they’ll completely transform the way you view exercise forever

– World Class Mindset Support
Head Mindset Coach on The DoTheWork Programme – Annika McGivern will provide you with help you create a bulletproof mindset, no matter how much you’re struggling right now

Sport & Exercise Psychology Coach -Annika McGivern


– 8 Structured Workouts (2 per week)
You’ll have access to my coaching software that my clients use which will include 2 more workouts each week for you to complete, this includes information on sets, reps, a rest timer, videos, instructions and even a PB tracker which makes it absolutely fool proof no matter of your experience level

– Nutritional Guidance
You’ll know exactly what to do with your nutrition & have clear calorie and protein targets guaranteeing your success when you implement alongside endless resources of recipe/cookbooks providing you with 100’s of ideas for meals so you’ll never be stuck for what to eat

– Weekly Check-In
You’ll check-in each week which will keep you accountable & set you up for the week ahead and if you miss it, I’ll be on you like a tonne of bricks because that’s exactly what you need

– High Level Group Accountability 
As above, if you miss something, I’ll be on you. You’ll also have access to a group within my coaching software where you can interact with everyone else on the programme. This is where the magic happens

– Direct Access to Me  
You’ll have access to a 1:1 messenger directly to me where you can ask me whatever you need help with

– 6 Educational Modules Covering EVERYTHING you Need  
Each week I’ll drip feed you content on mindset, habits, nutrition, training & how to make long lasting change – we leave no stone unturned

– Access to Bi-weekly DoTheWork Lab with Annika

Our resident Head Mindset Coach Annika joins me every other week to discuss common challenges among clients and it’s also an opportunity to hop on for a hot seat or simply to send in any questions on topics you’re currently struggling with. Annika’s time is charged at £100 per hour, you’ll not find support like this on a fat loss programme anywhere else

Oh and lastly…


If you #DoTheWork I promise you that you’ll get results over the 28 days and you’ll have the built the foundations to continue to make progress long after the programme has finished.

Each session is capped at 6 SPACES ONLY because I want to ensure that the level of coaching I can offer you is world-class and not watered down due to too many people which many group programmes unfortunately do.

If you want to reserve a spot, it’s £199 upfront. There’s no payment plan I’m afraid (it’s too cheap already).

When is it?

Sessions are on-going and currently we host sessions on…

Mon & Thurs at 18:00

Wed – 18:30 & Sat – 07:00

Right now, there’s only 2 SPACES REMAINING (1 Mon & Thurs & 1 Weds & Sat) so don’t wait on this.

It’s time to #DoTheWork – seriously, what are you waiting for?