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I take frustrated individuals who feel like a failure with their weight loss from failure & frustration to 5* Results & Confidence in 90 days.

Face to Face Personal Training

Ideal for beginners who need to learn how to execute exercises safely and effectively.

Male Only ProgrammeTAKE CHARGE

This programme gets guaranteed amazing results for men who need to make big changes in their life with their health & fitness. Expect weight loss results of up to 30lbs in 90 days!

DoTheWork28 – Started 11th Jan 2021 – NEXT COURSE DATE TBC.

This 28 day programme will transform your habits to build the foundations for incredible weight loss results in 2021

Female Only ProgrammeDoTheWork Together

My ladies only group programme guarantees weight loss of 10lbs or more in 8 weeks or less!

1:1 Online Coaching

My online coaching is for anyone that has 3 months experience or more training in a gym that has come unstuck with their progress.

”Is it time to DoTheWork?”

Hi there! My name is Dale Wallace a.k.a The DoTheWork Coach. I am both a Personal Trainer and an Online Coach based in Preston, Lancashire, UK. I specialise in working with clients that are seeking weight loss and seeking to feel more comfortable and confident in their own skin.

If that’s you… I can and would like to help you.

I’ve spent over 10 years learning my craft and have helped 100’s of people along the way just like you to lose weight and take back their self-confidence.

The DoTheWork Principle

Have you ever felt un-unmotivated to get started on your weight loss journey? I’m sure you can resonate with that.

My belief is that you should not rely upon motivation to get started…

Action = Results = Motivation


The truth is that sometimes we have to do things that we don’t want to do, to get the result that we say we want. Getting started is the first step, being motivated should not be the key driver.

This is where DoTheWork has originated from. The truth is, with your results, you will always get what you deserve. You will be closer to that weight loss goal once you start to DoTheWork and not before.

My coaching service involves helping you find the true reason that you must achieve your goal and then using that as leverage to DoTheWork required.

Taking ownership and responsibility for where you are right now with your health & fitness and even in life is a huge part of the process of which I help with. From there we create the initial plan to get you started on your weight loss journey.

My promise to you is that this will be the last ever time you need to attempt your weight loss journey.

The plan is totally bespoke to your lifestyle, occupation, family life etc.

The DoTheWork Coaching Principles

I’m not here to make this complicated, my aim is to actually make this process simpler for you. I’m here to create a process that is finally a successful one for you. One that will last you a lifetime. Here are the three most important things that we will manage.

Nutrition – The Calorie Deficit

Yes the principle is the same, however the method and strategy in which you use to get there will differ with every single client. You will be coached via a strategy that works for you. I do not take a ‘one-size fits all approach’.

Overall Movement – The Step Count

We will measure and manage this on a daily basis ensuring the target we choose is both achievable and provides you with the results you want.

Training – Structured Exercise

We use the above two principles to provide you with the weight loss, we use training to help shape your body how you want it, to work on areas you wish to improve and of course to improve performance, strength & fitness. You will not be doing endless hours of cardio!

As I mentioned above, I am here to get you to DoTheWork but my job is to make it a simpler process for you. I’m not saying it will be easy, but it will be much easier that what you have tried before with my tried and trusted methods following The DoTheWork Coaching Principles.

I want this to be the last time you ever need to attempt weight loss…

Check the results that my clients achieve from my coaching here

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Do The Work

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Personal Training Testimonials

Kathryn Baldwin
January 7, 2020
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Kathryn Baldwin Testimonial

Well, what can I say about Dale……First impressions are how professional he is, then when you’ve been in his company for a while you realise how knowledgeable he is, he is so dedicated to his mission, which is to make people understand how and why they lose weight/muscle or gain weight/muscle. I’ve used a few different personal trainers but dale is different, he’s not interested in taking photos and uploading them to social media, he really wants you to succeed in your journey, he’s not all about money, he’s always doing free group tasks and seminars, you can really see how happy peoples success make him. He’s not a soft touch though, if you don’t do what you know you’re supposed to be doing, he will tell you!! But what’s the point in paying a PT if they’re not going to keep you in check?? Sale is more than just exercise, he is about nutrition, exercise, science behind weigh gain, best PT I’ve used and yes he will whip your ass if that’s what you need to keep you on track.