The DoTheWork Corporate Wellness Programme


Whether or not a company is successful in their aspirations for output and of course profits lies solely with the employees. In order for a company to flourish, it must have a set of highly motivated, driven, accomplished employees.

Of course the business strategy and plan is important but without the people that execute the plan, the company cannot operate. Therefore it is integral that a company takes care of it’s employees to ensure they are not only motivated but also that they are healthy, full of energy and are generally in a good headspace.

As I like to say…

“A healthy team is a happy team.”


There are 5 key areas that The DoTheWork Programme systematically improves for your employees.


Physical & mental health are two totally separate entities however it’s important to remember that one can affect the other in a very impactful way. The DoTheWork Programme encourages participation in physical exercise that the employee enjoys doing. We don’t force things upon them, we merely educate and inspire them to do more of what they like.

In turn this has a huge impact on overall health, fitness, energy & much more. This is the most important pillar to work on in order to access the other four pillars.

Not only that but if the body is in a healthy state, this can have hugely positive effects on mental health too.


The DoTheWork Programme will improve your employees performance on the job by raising their energy, empowering them with the ability to manage their diet, their sleep, their physical activity and more.

Improving these things means better productivity, more creative ideas, an increased ability to focus and an improved ability to simply feel better about what they are doing on a day to day basis which ultimately improves overall performance of the business.


Motivation is a subject that needs talking about, I educate on the differences between discipline and motivation and how both can be used together to drive performance and the will to consistently improve.

Unlocking someone’s intrinsic motivation comes from asking deep questions to find out what really makes them tick and when people have full clarity of what their why is, they can become powerful beyond measure.


The DoTheWork Programme teaches how employees can live and breath with a growth mindset. We educated the differences between a fixed mindset and a growth mindset and how this could be one of the biggest things that not only holding them back from improving at work but in all areas of life too.

Limiting beliefs need tackling and breaking down in order to unlock true growth and for people to finally achieve their potential.


What employees do outside of work directly impacts their performance in work. This in turn affects their performance and the businesses performance.

This programme educates and encourages employees to take charge of their lifestyle to make changes for the better that results in improved performance, energy and reduced sick days.


Ebony Francis-Noteman
January 5, 2020
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Ebony Francis-Noteman Testimonial

Having group PT sessions not only helps you improve fitness, it also gives you ideas for things to do in the gym, it’s great to socialise and helps motivate you. Having others around you that are trying to reach similar goals helps you keep on track especially when you are having periods where you are not progressing as quickly as you would like, it’s nice to know somebody else is in the same position. It’s also really good fun!