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I can’t help but think that most people only associate exercise with weight loss or burning calories. They think that the only reason or the main reason to exercise is to simply expend energy so that they can lose weight.

It’s why the cardio machines in the gym are so busy on a Monday night, everyone is trying to exercise their way to weight loss or un-do the weekend. I recently completed a photoshoot which consisted of 16 weeks of preparation which resulted in me getting into what I can only describe as, the shape of my life.

Weight Loss

Weight Loss – How & When to Weigh Yourself

When people consider how to measure progress and set goals, the most common way of doing so is by simply weighing yourself. Now, the truth is, the scales in many ways get a bad rep because they are a fantastic measure of progress however we must be objective in the way we look at this

Weight Loss

3 Big Reasons You Keep Failing On Your Diet & How To Fix Them




When dieting people often focus too much time on the small things that don’t matter and don’t move the needle. They also focus on a particular type of diet and seek confirmation that it’s the ‘best diet’ compared to others which to be honest the reasons are purely individual because it’s always the best option that works for you and your lifestyle.

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Is Your Weekend Destroying Your Weight Loss Aspirations?

When your aim is weight loss you simply cannot ignore the weekend. Many people I’m sure can relate to the “I’ve been good Mon-Thurs” mentality. I mean it is pretty easy to stay on track with your nutrition whilst you are in routine and there are less distractions and desires to drink and consume a copious amount of junk food unlike at the weekend when temptation is at it’s highest.

I’m sure as you read this you will relate to what I’m about to say. You have what you deem a stressful job and by Friday (maybe even before Friday!) you are craving a beer/wine and a takeaway. Firstly I must make clear, there is absolutely nothing wrong with enjoying either of these things, but stay with me. People don’t fail because they drink beer/wine and eat takeaways. People fail because they lose all control at weekend.

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The Only Diet That Works…

I thought about titling this article – What’s a Diet? But then I figured that, the title doesn’t really insinuate that I’m giving you what you want – The answer of course…

However before I can tell you what I think is the only way to go about this, first we must breakdown what doesn’t work.

An important question to ask is…

If a particular ‘diet’ results in someone losing weight but then putting it back on, was it ever a ‘good diet’?

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Weight Loss – The Undeniable Truth

Here is a harsh truth that you might not want to hear but you probably need to hear…

You are the reason that you haven’t achieved your weight loss goals yet!

It’s not…

  • Genetics
  • Starvation Mode
  • Cortisol/Stress
  • Etc

It’s the fact that you have failed the method to which you have applied. You have failed the system. I must say before I go on that, you failing a system is you being a failure as such, it is highly likely that a different method or system will be more applicable to your lifestyle.

But, there has to come a point where you stop burning through different ways of dieting or exercise. There has to come a point where you recognise that maybe the dieting methods and systems aren’t the problem.

The problem is actually your belief systems and habits around dieting. For you to get something from this blog you must open your mind up and be vulnerable to being wrong about how you perceive weight loss.

You have to remember that if your beliefs and habits around weight loss were rational then you will have already achieved your goal. This can be tough for some to admit and understand, but I promise you once you challenge your beliefs around what’s required, in order to achieve your goals, that’s when the magic happens!

Weight Loss

Why Does Weight Loss Slow Down?

It all starts so well doesn’t it?

10lbs down in the first 8 weeks then for some reason, it slows down or in some cases, stops.

Yet you are doing exactly the same thing as when you first started.

Which leaves you scratching your head trying to understand why.

I am going to try and explain why this is and what you can do about it to continue to get results.

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The Female Fat Loss Programme

Are you a FEMALE between the age of 21-45 who is tired of looking in the mirror and not liking what you see?

Do you want to LOSE WEIGHT and feel CONFIDENT again?

Maybe lose that back fat, arm fat or belly fat?

Maybe you want a perkier bum?

If this resonates with you then you should read on…

Weight Loss

7 Things you MUST know in order to LOSE WEIGHT

1. The calorie deficit should be your number one priority

The undeniable truth is that energy balance dictates whether or not you will lose weight or not. If you are not in-taking less calories than what you burn, you will not lose weight. There are literally no outliers. Before you say it, yes it is harder for some people, yes people with thyroid issues or P.C.O.S find it more difficult but the energy balance equation remains the most important thing to conquer.

Basically, you must ingest fewer calories than the amount you expend for weight loss.

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Weight Loss – Is now the right time?

Before you continue to read this blog, please be aware that I am not saying you have to act on this, I am not saying you should be losing weight right now or any time for that matter. I know that everyone is in a different head-space and I fully understand and respect that, I have clients that are focusing on health right now. However, if you feel that you want to, this might be the best possible time to achieve some incredible results.

As I mentioned a lot of my clients initially wanted to pause their weight loss aspirations because their world had been turned upside down and that was absolutely understandable and so we adapted their goals.

As this situation has become the new normal my clients started to settle down, get into a new routine and push on again for their weight loss goals and this rings true because I’ve also taken on a bunch of new clients who want the same too.

The key to unlocking long-term results is habit change – EVERY SINGLE TIME –

Something I like to say to my clients is…

“Only with action can you change the habits of a lifetime”

Dale Wallace