Online Coaching

Fed up of…

  • Not liking what you see in the mirror?
  • Lacking direction & structure?
  • Giving up?
  • Not making progress?
  • Watching others get better results?
  • Feeling powerless?
  • Yo-yo dieting?
  • Not fitting in your clothes?
  • Not feeling confident?

My Online Coaching will arm you with…

  • Guaranteed Results – at least 8cm off your belly in your first 8 weeks or less
  • Sky-rocketed confidence to wear what you want when you want
  • Habits for life
  • Results way better than your peers
  • Structure not just for exercise but for all aspects of life
  • The tools so that this is your last every weight loss journey

Who’s it for?

My online coaching is for people who have 3 months or more experience of training in a gym that have hit a wall with their progress and don’t know how to move forward. It’s for someone who requires structure accountability, support and direction and it’s definitely for someone who is ready to DoTheWork!

What do my clients say?
Karl managed to lose 30lbs in 12 weeks which was an incredible achievement but nothing short of what he deserved.
As you can see this client achieved fantastic results in just 12 weeks. He was someone who worked away a lot, spending lots of nights in hotels, eating room service meals, fast food and enjoying plenty of beer at the weekends.
When he decided it was time to change we came up with an individual approach to his nutrition which included choosing better options in the hotels and of course we reduced down the alcohol intake (not fully).
We added some regular training where he followed a set structure alongside some hotel room workouts and also the odd swim in the hotel pool.
We didn’t take an overly aggressive approach with any of the measures, we just simply took a habit based approach based around his lifestyle and capabilities to exercise including what equipment was available in the gym he used.
As you can see the progression was consistent throughout!

Why Online Coaching with me?

A chance to live, breath and win with the DoTheWork mentality – The DoTheWork mentality is something that I live my life by which is why I have instilled this as my brand.

 I firmly believe that ACTION TAKERS are the ones who get results. Unfortunately some people play a victim mentality and blame everything and everyone else for their failures. The DoTheWork mentality is all about owning your failures just as much as your success. My mentor said to me…

There is no such thing as failure… Just feedback.”

Phil Graham

I make it my mission to work with action takers that have had enough of their current situation. People that have had enough of low self-confidence and want to make positive change in their lives.

The truth is, you have to be ready to DoTheWork. My expectations of you are going to be high and I promise you 100% that I will be there with you.

My other promise and guarantee to you is that if you follow my lead, you will get results.

If you don’t, I will issue you with your money back, I am that confident. But of course this rests on your desire to DoTheWork.

Check out what Lisa said about my Online Coaching…

We are 3 weeks in and 7 ½ lbs lost. I have never used SMART objectives for fitness which in my line of work I am now wondering why not. I fell into the trap that I attended the gym but did not accurately track food and steps were below average. A few motivational emails have made me move more and plan ahead. I might need to change my goal for the next 4 weeks as I set my target as 8lbs in 8 weeks and I am nearly there after 4!

Lisa Haywood

Thanks mate it worked. And I just want to say thanks for all the help recently. Wouldn’t have been able to shift this weight without you.


Structure – This is one of the main things that people who don’t achieve the results they want lack. My coaching includes a fully structured approach that not just includes what to do in the gym but I will systematically review everything that you do and together we will map out a plan that will not only get you the results that you want but it will also leave you more confident, happier, fitter and stronger than ever before.

You will not only be provided with that progressive training programme that guarantees results but you will be monitored on things like step count, sleep, cravings and much more. I take into account your job, family life, preferences etc to build a perfectly bespoke plan for YOU.

My online coaching provides a huge amount of attention to detail that simply cannot be mirrored from a face to face model. This isn’t just money for time, you are investing a solution to the problem you have spent years trying to solve.

Nutrition – My approach to nutrition is 100% individual to the client. I fully understand everyone has different lifestyles, preferences, education levels and everything that comes with it. We will map out a plan including calorie breakdown, macros, meal-timings and suggested meals. You will receive a 6,000 word e-book containing literally everything you need to know to succeed with your diet.

We will take everything in to account and I do not stand behind one particular diet, different diet approaches work for different people and we will work closely to find the right fit for you.

Location – The beauty of online coaching is that you can work with me from anywhere in the world. Please note that you must be English speaking in order for me to work with you.

Time & Flexibility – Unlike with face to face coaching, you are now limited to a set time bound by both my diary and yours. You can train at the very best time for you and you can do that in whatever gym you like. I would simply require an audit of your training environment to be able to produce a plan that works around that. There is no risk to you losing money for sessions in the event of personal emergency, traffic etc like there is with face to face.

Cost – Generally speaking online coaching is more cost effective than face to face. If you was to have three face to face sessions per week this could cost you at least £300 and upwards per month. Usually it does not come with the level of support outside of that physical session that you will receive with my service as mentioned above.

Mindset – I am big into mindset and pride myself on having a growth mindset, along the way you will get opportunity to experience that and I will offer you guidance and support on how to create this positivity and problem-solving mentality that I live by. A big challenge for people comes when they have to challenge their own pre-conceived beliefs and assumptions surrounding weight loss.

True power and results arise when you become vulnerable to the situation that you don’t know everything, that you need help and that you want me to be the man to guide you.

Accountability – Another one of the biggest reasons why people fail is because they are simply not accountable to anyone. The best performers in the world in sports or business have coaches, mentors and people they answer to. In the same way that most people have managers in their jobs, because without that how productive would you be?

The truth is, you wouldn’t be here reading this if you didn’t need the help and the accountability. My online coaching provides incredible accountability with weekly check-ins where you will update me on your progress, your struggles and together we plan how you will move forward.

In many cases I offer a DAILY accountability system for those (normally at the start) that need something every single day to embed those positive habits and keep you on track.

This lady took part in an 8 week challenge I ran back in October 2019. She has been working in Magaluf for the whole summer prior to that and after a few months of partying and boozing decided she wanted to make a quick change.
Lucia had great control over her calories which was the key factor in her results, she made quite a lot of sacrifice to ensure she achieved the short-term results she wanted.
Her training generally consisted of group exercise around 3-4 times each week but I have to say these results are from really nailing down her diet.
As you can see she made fantastic progress resulting in a 10lbs weight loss over the 8 weeks!

The thing that I love about online coaching is that although you have my guidance, you have to actually turn up, do the reps, sets and steps etc. You have to DoTheWork all without me there the whole time. One huge drawback of face to face is that people can become reliant upon the trainer to be there to work at a high enough intensity so what happens when you take the trainer away?

With this approach you quickly learn that you get out what you put in and with the expert programming that you will receive, I promise you that you will yield results that you never thought would be possible.

You will experience what happens when you don’t give up…


A minimum of 3 months with MONEY BACK GUARANTEE if you haven’t progressed within that time (guarantee assumes you have followed my guidance and recommendations consistently).

Other benefits include…

  • All workouts to be available through an app with workout videos, explanations and progress trackers
  • Access to the DoTheWork Coaching Hub on Facebook with all my other clients where there is an incredible community and array of resources
  • Touch points on top of check-ins for any burning questions as well as FAQ’s
  • Full invitation to The DoTheWork Coach’s social events including a kick-ass Christmas Party
  • Discount on purchasing products including the DoTheWork Journal
Lisa Haywood
January 5, 2020
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Lisa Haywood Testimonial

We are 3 weeks in and 7 ½ lbs lost. I have never used SMART objectives for fitness which in my line of work I am now wondering why not. I fell into the trap that I attended the gym but did not accurately track food and steps were below average. A few motivational emails have made me move more and plan ahead. I might need to change my goal for the next 4 weeks as I set my target as 8lbs in 8 weeks and I am nearly there after 4!