Jakk Gerard – The Journey of 1000 Days

The DoTheWork Podcast – Episode #14

Today I was joined by Jakk Gerard – Jakk shares his incredible story from being at an all-time low of being suicidal in 2017 to achieving the incredible feat of training for 1000 days in a row. 

This is an incredibly deep story of which Jakk is sharing because he wants to be able to help those that are in a position that he was back in 2017. This episode is jam packed full of useful tips, motivation and also deep details about Jakk’s story.

I’m super grateful that Jakk reached out to me and felt this was the right platform for him to be so open about his story. I left the recording feeling fired up and motivated so I know it will help you too. Mental Health is a prevalent topic right now and it was incredibly humbling to hear Jakk’s story.

You can find Jakk on Instagram @jakk.gerard – On here you can see lots about his story and his journey over the 1000+ days, especially on his story highlights so make sure you follow him and continue to follow his incredible journey. He has no intention of stopping!

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