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Assisted Pull Ups

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A desirable look on your body for a lot of people is the wide/v shaped upper back. To engage these muscles you need to incorporate some vertical pulls into your training. One example of this is the assisted pull up. This is a regression of the popular pull up. This is the only machine in the gym where a heavier weight makes the exercise easier. The weight you select is the amount you will be 'assisted by' e.g. a 90kg male opting for 50kg means he is pulling 40kg rather than his whole bodyweight. Key takeaways for this exercise. Grip shoulder width or wider, keep your body in line underneath the bar, keep tension throughout in your shoulder blades. As you pull up, keep your chest high, imagine you are trying to pull your chest line up toward the bar. At the top of the movement you are looking for thoracic extension which means your upper back should be nice and flat with shoulders blades squeezed down and back (into your back pockets). The thoracic extension helps fully engage your lats (for the v) while putting tension through your mid traps and rhomboids which aids for good posture. While you lower down keep the tempo slow whilst keeping the tension through your shoulder blades and core #backday #pullups #backattack #lats #shoulderstability #exercise #tip #workout #saturday #preston #puregym #thoracic #squeeze #muscle #verticalpull #personaltraining #personaltrainer #onlinecoaching

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