Client Results

Anon decided it was time to… DoTheWork

Name: Anonymous

Goal: Fat Loss

Duration: 12 Weeks

Service: Online Coaching

As you can see this client achieved fantastic results in just 12 weeks. He was someone who worked away a lot, spending lots of nights in hotels, eating room service meals, fast food and enjoying plenty of beer at the weekends.When he decided it was time to change we came up with an individual approach to his nutrition which included choosing better options in the hotels and of course we reduced down the alcohol intake (not fully). We added some regular training where he followed a set structure alongside some hotel room workouts and also the odd swim in the hotel pool. We didn’t take an overly aggressive approach with any of the measures, we just simply took a habit based approach based around his lifestyle and capabilities to exercise including what equipment was available in the gym he used. As you can see the progression was consistent throughout!