Weight Loss

Weight Loss – The Undeniable Truth

Here is a harsh truth that you might not want to hear but you probably need to hear…

You are the reason that you haven’t achieved your weight loss goals yet!

It’s not…

  • Genetics
  • Starvation Mode
  • Cortisol/Stress
  • Etc

It’s the fact that you have failed the method to which you have applied. You have failed the system. I must say before I go on that, you failing a system is you being a failure as such, it is highly likely that a different method or system will be more applicable to your lifestyle.

But, there has to come a point where you stop burning through different ways of dieting or exercise. There has to come a point where you recognise that maybe the dieting methods and systems aren’t the problem.

The problem is actually your belief systems and habits around dieting. For you to get something from this blog you must open your mind up and be vulnerable to being wrong about how you perceive weight loss.

You have to remember that if your beliefs and habits around weight loss were rational then you will have already achieved your goal. This can be tough for some to admit and understand, but I promise you once you challenge your beliefs around what’s required, in order to achieve your goals, that’s when the magic happens!

Get Out Of Your Own Way!

All the barriers you have that have dampened your ability to achieve weight loss previously are barriers in which you have either put up yourself in your own mind. Or in fact barriers that you can either affect or create better strategies for.

Often people don’t make big results and big changes for weight loss or anything in life because they are entering the unknown and they fear it. They would have to enter a situation that is out of their comfort zone and in most cases our environments strongly correlate to staying within comfort zones and not taking risks.

To grow confidence you must first do something in which you are not yet confident in doing.

Let’s look at the barrier of an overweight person or an unfit person avoiding the gym because they either fear that everyone in there is lean and so far away from where they are that they attach a sense that they do not belong in that environment. Therefore they attach a negative thought to going and ironically the thing that will probably help the most becomes the thing they fear the most.

This is the same for someone who has never been to a gym before, my Dad a prime example… “What do I need to go to a gym for?” The truth is that because he hasn’t been, he doesn’t see the value but more importantly, he will fear it because he doesn’t know what to do in there.

What if that irrational belief was flipped, or what if you pursued the goal irrelevant of what you thought people would think about you. People create anxiety about the gym because they worry about what people will think. They create a situation in their head that doesn’t exist because anxiety is simply a fear of what hasn’t even happened (and likely won’t happen) therefore that increases the fear to do that thing and the thing they need to do the most get’s pushed to the side rather than facing that fear and walking into the resistance.

Also it’s important to remember that in the gym most people are too worried about what you think of them too, rather than judging you! They are the same as you!


Then we get to diet, this is definitely the place where so many irrational beliefs are held. When a lot of people think about their journey to losing weight they are not willing to give up the things that hold them back the most. The thing is I would never ask someone to give up anything they love regarding diet.

However, in most cases people need to dramatically reduce alcohol intake and calories. Now there are many studies that suggest that people who go through a rapid transformation of weight loss are more successful long-term. This is due to the fact they see results much quicker and therefore keep going.

The truth is most people need an overhaul of their lifestyle and their diet in order to get things moving. This is where the huge challenge is because people once more don’t want to move away from their comfort zone. Even though boozing and more in some cases is there release from their job, kids etc. They think that is the thing that they need in order to be happy.

The thing they cling on to for happiness is the very thing that causes the unhappiness in many cases!

In most cases they are actually doing more harm than good. The lifestyle of living for the weekend and their actions around that is the very thing that has led to putting weight on, their confidence being shattered and generally experiencing low mood and and low energy. Which then results in low motivation to increase health markers.

It’s a viscous circle.

This could be small scale or large scale but the truth is, the lifestyle that you live is directly related to the result that you get and the way that you feel and until you are willing to accept that and change it, you will continue to ‘GET IN YOUR OWN WAY’.

You will probably continue to still blame others or other factors too because it much easier to do that than take responsibility.

I get it. It’s not easy to change the habits of a lifetime, it’s tough, you are constantly drawn back in to that ‘normal’ easier lifestyle. It takes a a lot of courage to say enough is enough, it’s time to change.

Until you are willing to make that jump, you will never achieve extraordinary results, you might take one step forward but then it’s two steps back.

You have to challenge your belief system to make a conscious decision that your currently lifestyle does not lead you to the life you want to live.

“You will only change when you see or perceive more drawbacks of staying the same than benefits of staying the same.”

Paul Mort

What you do right now will directly effect your results and behaviour over the next few days and weeks.

You are at fault for your own barriers and lack of results.

Get out of your own way…

If you need help with that, or if you need the accountability of a coach and also the strategy mapping out for you from someone who has helped many people with the same problems just like yours…

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