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Home Workout – Legs

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3 Ways to still target the hamstrings and glutes ???? All you need is a set of resistance bands and something heavy to anchor them around! 1. LEG CURL – Lie face down and hook the bands around your heel (it might be worth wearing socks) push your knees and hips into the floor to get good contraction as you squeeze the hamstrings and bring your heels toward your backside. Aim for a slow eccentric and slightly quicker concentric phase. This can be progressed as a uni-lateral movement (single leg) 2. CABLE PULL THROUGH – No cable machine – no problem. Let's hit those glutes by pushing the hips backwards, keep the chest high in the hip hinge and drive hips forward by engaging the glutes. Note that this is a hip hinge movement and not a squat. Feel the burn in the ???? 3. SINGLE LEG DEADLIFT – This is a bit of an adaptation to the single leg deadlift, this will require balance and stability but is a great way to target both glutes and hamstrings. Much better than doing 1000 kickbacks or band walks ???? Remember to do both legs The BONUS today? 4. LEG EXTENSION – For those wanting to isolate those quads, check out this leg extension variation, you will need a sturdy chair to sit on. Again this can be performed with both legs or single leg for progression. I recommend going for high rep for a good PUMP on this isolation exercise Give it a go and let me know how you get on! ???????????? #legs #legworkout #homeworkout #stayhome #quads #glutes #gluteworkout #hamstrings #bandexercises #fitness #workout #exercise

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