Weight Loss

Weight Loss – Is now the right time?

Before you continue to read this blog, please be aware that I am not saying you have to act on this, I am not saying you should be losing weight right now or any time for that matter. I know that everyone is in a different head-space and I fully understand and respect that, I have clients that are focusing on health right now. However, if you feel that you want to, this might be the best possible time to achieve some incredible results.

As I mentioned a lot of my clients initially wanted to pause their weight loss aspirations because their world had been turned upside down and that was absolutely understandable and so we adapted their goals.

As this situation has become the new normal my clients started to settle down, get into a new routine and push on again for their weight loss goals and this rings true because I’ve also taken on a bunch of new clients who want the same too.

The key to unlocking long-term results is habit change – EVERY SINGLE TIME –

Something I like to say to my clients is…

“Only with action can you change the habits of a lifetime”

Dale Wallace

Normally we have the hustle and bustle of a full-time job, looking after family, socialising not to mention all the distractions that takes your attention away from the desire to lose weight. However now, we have time on our hands, even if you are not furloughed, you are no longer travelling to and from work and therefore you have more time than before.

Here’s why I think this is the best time for you to kickstart your weight loss journey…


purpose concept on signpost

You might be sat at home wondering how to fill your time, maybe you are an action taker and you have cleaned the house 10x over or maybe you have watched every possible series on Netflix and cannot seem to find any energy. What better way to provide that purpose and to create that energy than putting your attention on the very thing that takes away your confidence, self-esteem, the thing that makes you envious of other people or that diminishes your sex drive and harms your relationship? It could be time to find that purpose.


One thing a lot of people are struggling with is structuring their day and giving it some meaning so that they can be more productive and feel more energised. What if you started every morning with 30 minutes of structured exercise? This would revolutionise the way you feel in the morning without doubt. I have now completed 58 days on continuous exercise in lockdown and I feel amazing. The morning exercise sets my day up for success, it helps release those positive endorphins that help an anxious mind or simply someone who struggles with energy levels through the day.


Before all of this you could find yourself distracted when trying to lose weight, maybe by the pub, a restaurant or a more easily accessible takeaway. Maybe you were so tired from a long shift that you never prepared your food for your lunch and simply bought a meal deal or a Subway because that was all you could get at the time. You probably added a cookie and some chocolate too. Maybe Sandra from the office always brought the biscuits round or went on the ‘Butty Run’ and you find it tough to say no… Now you have the power to have absolute control over your diet from first meal to the last. You have fewer distractions than ever before.

Therefore, this could be the time to really embed some positive habits around cooking with single ingredient foods, developing your culinary skills and even improving the whole family’s nutritional intake. You can prepare fresh high protein meals for lunch rather than going for the quick fix whilst on the go, or on the road when KFC stares at you in the service station.

In my opinion it has never been easier to make change and to instil positive habits. Now again, as I said above, you don’t have to do this and I don’t think any different of anyone that doesn’t but if you do, it is the perfect time in my opinion, especially if you normally struggle with sticking at things.

If you are not sure quite where to start with managing your calories, I have the perfect thing to help you!

The Great Outdoors

Going back to the fact we have more time now, when working, we rarely get/create the time to actually get outside, get some Vitamin D and some fresh air. I never, ever return from a walk or time outdoors without feeling more positive than I did before. It is such a fantastic mood lifter and it breaks up the routine of being stuck in the house all day. Incorporating a daily walk (or even two) into your routine can also contribute to changing the way you feel but not just that, it contributes to your weight loss goals too. Providing you manage the diet as mentioned above, walking is a fantastic low-intensity way to burn calories. It require little to no fitness levels and it is also a great to way to either get the family together or maybe give you an escape for an hour by yourself. I get all my client to focus hugely on step count and to look for more opportunities all the time to simply move more.

The weather has been incredible and we can really take advantage of all of the other benefit that come with walking more. Maybe you always wanted to give it a go but didn’t have the time…

Support & Community

I’m not going to say everyone is in the same boat here because they are not, this situation is not only very different in terms of what people have at their disposal – large income/small income; big house/small house; family around/living alone; good mental health/struggling with mental health – But everyone is in the same sea, the outside situation is the same, it’s the individual scenarios that differ.

However, the support that is available now is incredible, my clients are now closer than ever, without the physical contact. I know more about my clients that ever before. The big thing though, is the way in which people support each other and encourage each other, the fact we cannot take all of the other things for granted means actually as a community in a lot of ways we are working together and as I say this is so damn evident with my clients. That helps people with their adherence and mental health for sure.

Not only that but the support that coaches can offer now is much more better outside of the session. I now have more time on my hands to have more touch points with clients both as a group and individually therefore I can impact change in peoples lives much easier than before because I simply have more time.

Even if you don’t wish to hire a coach due to financial constraints, there is so much support for you there e.g. Joe Wicks which has been hugely popular or Tyson Fury who I admire in a lot of ways. I, myself, offer FREE workouts on three days each week – YOU CAN JOIN THE GROUP HERE – It has been lovely to offer my services to help people where I couldn’t before and I absolutely love doing that, the feedback too and appreciated from those who do the workouts really helps my positivity. It all comes back to having a purpose, a mission of which mine is…

I help people lose weight and take back their confidence

My Mission

Now might not be the time for you, you might have your mind elsewhere and once more that is fine, but if this blog has triggered you and made you realise that it could be a good time for you, I can lead the way for you. You can start by showing me you are serious by completing the below form. I guarantee results with my services for those that follow my guidance to the letter, so if now is the time…