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How to Ball Slam Properly!

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The ball slam will be seen in most circuits, boot camps, PT sessions every day in every gym. It's a brilliant multi joint movement and it's great to get the heart rate up high. The video shows a couple of examples of how not to ball slam, this really is one of those exercises where you get out what you put in. I can help and coach technique and I can accept poor mobility etc But as a trainer/coach I cannot accept lack of effort and I can't physically make you do it. You have to want to. The first couple of examples are common, to either slam from chest height or to just drop the ball at full height without any real power/force generated. The second 2 examples are what ball slams should look like. There is effort, intensity and power in what I am trying to do. Remember turning up to your class, PT session or whatever it might be is brilliant but you also have to remember to turn up with energy and enthusiasm too! Even when you don't want to. As you can hopefully realise by now there is more to this post than ball slams… If you half arse a ball slam, it's likely you aren't fully invested into the rest of the stuff that contributes. Results don't just come from attending a class or paying a PT, they come when you turn up and give it everything. If you do that whilst being coached effectively and get it right at home too then you will undoubtedly get results… If you turn up half arsed… Well it's obvious what happens then… If you need help with any of the above then consider my INVEST IN YOU programme. I have just 2 spaces left… If you have the effort and enthusiasm but don't have the method, I can help you… DM me for more info. #ballslams #power #force #investinyou #results #goals #effort #energy #enthusiasm #personaltraining #class #exercise #workout #hiit #gym #puregym #preston #puregym #bootcamp #circuit

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