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Get started with your Weight Loss goals in 2020 – Part 3 – Exercise

So here we go, it is time to talk about exercise and how to use it to help with your weight loss goals. Some of you may wonder why we have got to part three and we are only talking about exercise now, but if you have read the first blogs you will understand now the importance of setting goals first, working out how you will break them down before starting making changes to your diet and finally looking to exercise.

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Get Started with your Weight Loss – Part 2 – Diet

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So let’s start with the ‘diet’, now I have put this in inverted commas because the first question people ask is “Which diet are you on?” Maybe you are thinking you should try intermittent fasting or the ketogenic diet, or maybe Slimming World is for you. You might even have considered the Skinny Coffee’s of the world of Boom Bod because after all you want a quick fix and that’s what they SELL you on. The truth is, you don’t need to do any of these. What you need to do is the thing that all of these ‘diets’ have as the main principle, the reason why they work – THE CALORIE DEFICIT.

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Get started with your Weight Loss – Part 1


It happens every year, you tell yourself this is my year. This is the year I will finally achieve my weight loss goals and get into the shape I have always desired to get into. Although you can’t help but think, you have failed countless times before, maybe you made it through Jan and gave up in Feb or maybe lasted until March.

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It has to be one of the most common questions asked in and around gyms, via DM’s in IG, pretty much everywhere. I am going to give you the truth, I am going to answer so that you don’t ever need to ask or wonder again.


Jan 2020 Challenge

The 14 Day Challenge – #NewDecadeNewMe

– 4 Totally different 20 minute workouts that can be completed anywhere

– Access to the workouts via the Dale Wallace Personal Training app

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Invest In You – Feb 2020 Intake

Invest In You is a 6 week weight loss course like no other. It is not a 6 week shred or a short-term beach body fix. It is all about instilling positive habits that you can keep up in the long-term. This results in longevity and improved happiness that you can continue for good. If you follow my guidance, it should be the last ‘weight loss’ course you will ever need to do. Invest In You is an online based course but don’t worry, you won’t be alone. You will be placed in a group with other like-minded people on the course which helps massively with motivation. As your coach I will give you full support and you also have access to the private Invest In You Q&A’s where you can ask about anything you would like to know more about or anything you need extra support with.

The next course is on sale now and set to start February 3rd. There are limited places available, please contact me if you wish to find out more.

“I don’t usually write reviews but I can honestly say Dale’s Invest In You programme is one of the best things I have ever done.”

Karl Chambers

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The Turkish get up

Personal Training Workouts

How to Hip Thrust

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