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Ann’s Weight Loss Journey

I’d like you to meet Ann, a 65 years young Grandma who’s torn up the rule book and proved what can be achieved if you take your goal and grab it by the horns.

I’m about to share with you Ann’s weight loss journey. Spoiler alert, you might be a tad inspired after reading this…

She’s the mother of Sarah whose results you can read about here, Ann started working with me back in August 2020 alongside Sarah and since then Ann has lost an impressive 11kg.

I challenge you to find another 65 year old that’s in the condition that Ann’s now in.

Because when you get older you just put up with it right? That ‘middle aged spread’, the change in hormones and the ‘reduced’ metabolism just gets the better of you?

It’s impossible to lose weight and to maintain a healthy lean physique right?


Here’s the evidence that debunks all of these ‘stories’.

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What was life like before making the change?

“I’ve always been fairly slim but I wasn’t toned. I was fairly active as I look after my 4 grandsons but I was worried about my bone density as I’m getting older.”

Just like Sarah, she’s got it all going on…




The directorship in the family business.

Just like any other person that embarks on a fitness journey, it catches attention, often this attention comes from people close to you…

They tell you that it’s obsessive, they tell you not to lose weight or not to exercise too much.

It happens to every single person that goes about improving their health & fitness, it’s inevitable and so I prepare my clients for this.

Society tells us that we should just do what everyone else does which is slowly become obese, allow our muscles and joints to deteriorate which inevitably results in us not being able to climb out of a chair, climb the stairs or get in and out of the car.

Ann wanted to be able to keep up with her grandchildren, she’s gone from not being able to do so, to taking one of her grandchildren to do the couch to 5km and leading the way.

Ann worried about what people would think about doing a photoshoot, about what Matt Marsh would say, about what her friends and family might say because she thought she was too old.

I told her that none of that matters, that actually she’s an inspiration for them, that she could show people her age what can be achieved, that you don’t have to develop osteoporosis, diabetes and have muscle wastage.

I told her that she was doing it for her, to prove to herself it could be done and that she did.

Matt Marsh Photography

What’s life like now you’ve achieved the goal?

“I am so much happier with the way I look and feel. My body is more toned and firm and I have no trouble lifting things or getting up from the floor. I have so much more energy and can race around after my grandsons easily.”

What would you say to someone who’s putting off doing something about their health & fitness?

“It would have been very easy for me to say ‘I’m too old to start exercising’. But the reality is, you’re never too old to make a difference. Don’t let the fear of what other people might think get in the way of making a start to become healthier and stronger regardless of your age.”

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