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Sarah’s Weight Loss Journey

To share these results of Sarah’s inspirational weight loss journey with you makes me incredibly proud of what she’s achieved. Sarah has defied social norms and proved that no matter what the obstacle, incredible results can be achieved.

To quote Ryan Holiday…

“The obstacle is the way.”

What was life like before making the change?

“Before making the decision to phone Dale, I was hiding behind baggy clothes and actively avoiding having my photo taken because I hated the way I looked. I felt ashamed of myself and wanted to hide in the background.

I was also suffering from a knee injury which made going up and down stairs very painful. I’d tried all sorts of faddy diets and just wasn’t getting anywhere. However, I refused to go up yet another dress size so I decided that a PT was the only way I would actually be able to make a difference even though I hated exercise. 

In October 2021, I decided that I wanted to look the best I possibly could before I turned 40 and so I embarked on the seemingly impossible task of preparing for the photoshoot. 

Dale encouraged me every step of the way and believed in me even when I didn’t. I’m so proud of what I have achieved and can’t actually believe that it’s me in those photos.” 

Matt Marsh Photography

I cannot tell you how proud of Sarah I am. Throughout her weight loss journey Sarah has completely transformed the way she thinks about exercise and herself.

It’s been a rough ride, by no means has it been easy or smooth. Although the pictures may make it seem like it was. Between being a company director who works all the hours God sends & a Mum of 2, there’s been challenges, things haven’t gone to plan and there’s been hiccups.

What’s life like now you’ve achieved the goal?

“Since starting with Dale in August 2020, I have lost 3 stone and my knee doesn’t hurt anymore. I can keep up with my 2 sons and no longer avoid having my photo taken. Exercise has become part of my routine and I actually enjoy it now. I never thought I’d say that!”

I’ve mentioned before that a fitness photoshoot isn’t for everyone, it’s not for most people. But what this does show is that no matter what your starting point is, with dedication, hard work and belief you can achieve incredible things.

Sarah’s got all the things to contend with that you’ve come up with as excuses before…


A busy and responsible job.

A doubt that she can do it.

Plus other challenging obstacles.

Just like she said, if she can do it, so can you.

I’m so proud of what Sarah has achieved since working with her, the photoshoot itself is a small part of the process but it really symbolises that’s it’s all been worthwhile.

What would you say to someone who’s putting off doing something about their health & fitness?

“I am not a person who has ever enjoyed exercise. I’d make every excuse under the sun to avoid doing it and then feel guilty afterwards. I was always ‘starting on Monday’ but gave up by Friday. 

Making that first phone call and completing your first gym session is probably the hardest part but once you’ve done it you’re already doing 100% better than you were before you started.

Becoming accountable to someone helps so much because you can’t lie to yourself – it’s there written down and someone else is looking at it. Dale doesn’t make you feel bad if you slip up (and believe me, I have had LOTS of slip ups) but the fact that he sees it spurs you on and stops you from giving up. 

Since making the decision to do the photoshoot, life has been pretty challenging and I could very easily have given up. I did consider it more than once. But Dale was always there encouraging me and made me feel like I could reach my goal. I will be forever thankful that I made that initial phone call. If I can do this then you can too!

Matt Marsh Photography

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