Weight Loss

Why Weight Loss Slows Down

Why does weight loss slow down?

Often when people begin a new regime of weight loss they experience a fairly substantial loss of weight in the first couple of weeks. I think it’s important firstly that I address why this happens because often it can be misconstrued and can cause disappointment down the line.

Client Results Weight Loss

Ann’s Weight Loss Journey

I’d like you to meet Ann, a 65 years young Grandma who’s torn up the rule book and proved what can be achieved if you take your goal and grab it by the horns.

I’m about to share with you Ann’s weight loss journey. Spoiler alert, you might be a tad inspired after reading this…

She’s the mother of Sarah whose results you can read about here, Ann started working with me back in August 2020 alongside Sarah and since then Ann has lost an impressive 11kg.

I challenge you to find another 65 year old that’s in the condition that Ann’s now in.

Because when you get older you just put up with it right? That ‘middle aged spread’, the change in hormones and the ‘reduced’ metabolism just gets the better of you?

It’s impossible to lose weight and to maintain a healthy lean physique right?


Here’s the evidence that debunks all of these ‘stories’.

Client Results Weight Loss

Sarah’s Weight Loss Journey

To share these results of Sarah’s inspirational weight loss journey with you makes me incredibly proud of what she’s achieved. Sarah has defied social norms and proved that no matter what the obstacle, incredible results can be achieved.

To quote Ryan Holiday…

“The obstacle is the way.”

What was life like before making the change?

“Before making the decision to phone Dale, I was hiding behind baggy clothes and actively avoiding having my photo taken because I hated the way I looked. I felt ashamed of myself and wanted to hide in the background.

Client Results Weight Loss

Niamh’s Fitness Transformation

“I first contacted Dale after all the information he put out on social media during the lockdowns.  His enthusiasm and willingness to help people make the most of their health and fitness at that time really motivated and inspired me. I was impressed by his knowledge. His kindness and how much he cares about his clients was clear to see.  So I knew I could trust him.”

Back in March 2021 Niamh decided that it was time to start working with me. I’d known Niamh for a little while before that as we’d interacted in the gym and she’d followed my content. Niamh initially had one goal in mind…

To deadlift 100kg.

Her previous PB was 85kg but she wanted to join the 100 club. Our training commenced just before the gyms reopened due to Covid so we had the first couple of sessions outdoors before being able to hit the gym a couple of weeks later and that’s when the real work started.

Client Results

Lindsay decided it was time to… DoTheWork

Name: Lindsay

Goal: Fat Loss

Duration: 6 Weeks

Service: Face to Face PT & Group

Lindsay used the motivation of her booked holiday to produce some cracking results in a short period of time. Both her training and diet was on point with quite an aggressive approach. Lindsay’s training included gym work with me, Group PT with me and also group exercise classes.Lindsay opted for a keto diet (little to no carbs) which was her choice of method that allowed her to restrict calories short-term for the result she wanted. This isn’t the approach for everyone however as you can see, it can produce cracking results in a very short time.

Client Results

Lucia decided it was time to… DoTheWork

Name: Lucia

Goal: Fat Loss

Duration: 8 Weeks

Service: Online Challenge

Lucia took part in an 8 week challenge I ran back in October 2019. She had been working in Magaluf for the whole summer prior to that and after a few months of partying and boozing decided she wanted to make a quick change. Lucia had great control over her calories which was the key factor in her results, she made quite a lot of sacrifice to ensure she achieved the short-term results she wanted. Her training generally consisted of group exercise around 3-4 times each week but I have to say these results are from really nailing down her diet. As you can see she made fantastic progress resulting in a 10lbs weight loss over the 8 weeks!!

Client Results

Hannah decided it was time to… DoTheWork

Name: Hannah

Goal: Fat Loss

Duration: 12 Weeks

Service: Group PT

Hannah came to me after attending some of my classes and wanted some guidance with her weight loss. We took a very moderate approach to both exercise and diet. Most of Hannah’s exercise came from regular walking and the group sessions. Hannah had limitations due to a previous knee injury so endless cardio and high intensity was off limits. Her diet was managed through basic calorie control and good habits.