The Cost of Not Weight Training

I have to say that recently it has been an absolute pleasure taking on new clients who have previously not had experience or at least regularly used weight training as part of their exercise regime. There have been many people who have previously used classes as their sole means of training. Seeing these clients strength and also their love of this type of training grow is incredibly satisfying.

Exercises classes can provide a foundation to a solid fitness level for sure. However, they can often lead to long plateaus with results. This is due to the fact that past a certain point it is tough to include the principle of progressive overload (to make it harder) and especially tough to measure that. This is why weight training offers that simple solution to being able to do exactly that.


#DoTheWork Podcast – Episode 4

How To Exercise Smarter

In today’s episode I explain why I believe that resistance training should be at the forefront of your training. I explain the limitations of cardio and also lay out the basics of how to build a good resistance training programme.  I do touch on the benefits of cardio too but this episode is all about looking into why resistance training will give you the results that you dream of. I talk about how there is more to exercise than just burning calories and why actually you shouldn’t even be thinking about burning calories – leave that to your nutrition and overall movement. In today’s MYTH-BUSTING – I quash the idea that you should let a machine tell you how many calories you have burnt!

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