Weight Loss


I can’t help but think that most people only associate exercise with weight loss or burning calories. They think that the only reason or the main reason to exercise is to simply expend energy so that they can lose weight.

It’s why the cardio machines in the gym are so busy on a Monday night, everyone is trying to exercise their way to weight loss or un-do the weekend. I recently completed a photoshoot which consisted of 16 weeks of preparation which resulted in me getting into what I can only describe as, the shape of my life.


#DoTheWork Podcast – Episode 4

How To Exercise Smarter

In today’s episode I explain why I believe that resistance training should be at the forefront of your training. I explain the limitations of cardio and also lay out the basics of how to build a good resistance training programme.  I do touch on the benefits of cardio too but this episode is all about looking into why resistance training will give you the results that you dream of. I talk about how there is more to exercise than just burning calories and why actually you shouldn’t even be thinking about burning calories – leave that to your nutrition and overall movement. In today’s MYTH-BUSTING – I quash the idea that you should let a machine tell you how many calories you have burnt!

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